In the world’s largest ocean, the Pacific Ocean, lies a region with thousands of islands and islets known as Polynesia.

Native to Polynesia is an ancient human race called the Maori.

They are known for introducing surfing to the world, unique tattoos and voyaging the vast oceans with their twin-hulled sailing canoes for thousands of miles without the use of instrumental navigational tools, which is also known as wayfinding.

ancient Māori voyagers were known
to travel by sea without any
navigational tools.

they navigated the vast ocean seas

Celestial maps are intricate depictions and precise calculations of star charts that capture the mesmerizing beauty of the night sky.

Throughout history, humanity has gazed at the celestial expanse above, meticulously sketching maps on parchment with ink. These maps were not only organized into constellations but also focused on pinpointing the exact location of stars in the vastness of the sky. To achieve this, stars were carefully positioned within a coordinate system, utilizing celestial latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates that aligned with the Sun’s radiant path known as the ecliptic.

As time progressed, advancements in telescopes and scientific instruments revolutionized the art of charting the heavens. These innovations led to the development of more efficient and detailed coordinate systems, rendering the need for constellation images obsolete.

by reading celestial maps and

Wayfinding is the art of observing and comprehending nature.

Throughout history, diverse cultures have documented star maps and constellations that adorn the night sky. These ancient methods of writing and drawing predate the advancements of modern astronomers and their telescopes.

One hypothesis suggests that skilled wayfinders accurately navigate by determining longitude and latitude using the stars as guides. This knowledge aids in plotting courses for voyages.

During daylight hours, the Sun assumes a crucial role as the primary reference point. Navigators rely on their memory of where the Sun rises and sets to orient themselves.

In addition to celestial cues, traditional wayfinding incorporates the behaviour of seabirds and other wildlife to locate land for explorers.

observing the natural world
around them.


A health coach specializes in providing wisdom and care. He uses these qualities while collaborating with you in creating positive changes in your life.

Life can become overwhelming from time to time, and achieving certain goals may prove challenging. This is where a coach’s wisdom and attention for detail will prove invaluable to you. He will implement strategies that will ensure you achieve your life goals and reach your desired destination, offer his problem-solving techniques to help you overcome obstacles along your journey, teach you how to optimise your health and productivity, and guide you in discovering your passion, boosting motivation and make each day of your life count for something.

Over time, we often lose sight of our own values and individuality, as they are overshadowed by the pursuit of money and greed. Having someone in your corner to offer care and support by reminding you of two things: how each one of us have our own unique abilities and the importance of investing them along with your precious time into areas such as health, relationships, life goals, and adventures. The very same things that will enable you to reach your fullest potential and can even help you create something beautiful.

In summary, a health coach focuses on the fundamental aspects of life. Providing you with a solid foundation upon which to build anything you set your mind to.

a health coach is your

using both knowledge and skills to
guide you on your journey

As the world evolves and becomes more complex, we encounter an increasing number of obstacles that can impede our progress.

We all face obstacles at some point in our life. Some obstacles can be difficult to overcome, such as losing your job or going through a health crisis. Other obstacles are more manageable, such as an injury or a stolen bike.

Everyone handles obstacles differently. Some choose to ignore the problem hoping it will disappear over time and some are more prone to deal with it on the spot and face any issue in their life head-on.

A health coach can assist you overcome obstacles so that you may continue making progress.

overcome any obstacles

As our race keeps evolving, so do our ambitions. Ambitions are usually accompanied by a destination. They start as an idea and evolve into a goal. Dedication, consistency, and planning ahead is what helps us reach our destination, making us feel triumphant of life.

Often time, life gets in the way, especially when considering how complex a human’s life has become. And without doubt, the modern life consumes a lot of energy, leaving us unmotivated.

A health coach specialises in helping those who feel stuck or overwhelmed. From segmenting goals to problem solving, a health coach will definitely find a way to help you reach your destination.

reach new destinations


we focus our efforts to make sure
you reach your targets using
methods based on:

A holistic approach takes into account all the necessary factors of the person such as nutrition and health, relationships, financial status, personality, ambitions, environment, work, and beliefs.

Such approach works great when trying to solve a problem. The consultant tries to find the root cause problem instead of solving the symptoms by taking a thorough analysis of the situation, eliciting necessary information, and collaborate closely with the client to find the appropriate solution.

Same method applies when trying to find and tackle an opportunity.

This creates a huge positive impact for the outcome of the client.

a holistic approach

Nutritional Science is the scientific field that focuses on studying the physiological processes of nutrition. It aims to understand how nutrients and other substances found in food impact the overall well-being of an organism, including aspects such as maintenance, growth, reproduction, and the prevention or management of health conditions and diseases.

This field of study plays a crucial role in determining the ideal diet for humans. Additionally, it offers valuable guidance and support to coaches looking to enhance the performance of their athletic clients in sports.

backed by nutritional science

Goal-oriented coaches are dedicated to helping their clients discover their life’s passion and ensuring that they achieve their goals.

They accomplish this by defining, segmenting, and monitoring goals, while leveraging their client’s strengths, competencies, and schedule. These coaches have a deep understanding of their client’s resource constraints and collaborate closely with them to determine the most effective path towards success.

using a goal-orientated design


optimise your health

increase productivity

Find New Goals

coaching you one-to-one!!

build essential skills

make everyday count


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